Company Background

CEP Industries Sdn Bhd is the manufacturer and supplier of delicious and high quality frozen dim sum to various restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in Malaysia.


Range of Products

The Wide Range of Products (more than 40 items) manufactured by CEP Industries.

Dim Sum range

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CEP Industries Sdn Bhd is a food manufacturer with our manufacturing plant in located in Ipoh, Perak Malaysia. Our core business is manufacturing frozen food typically delicious Chinese dim sum. Being in the frozen food industry for many years and with a 20,000 square feet production facility and office, our company is a well known dim sum supplier for clients of hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.

CEP Industries Sdn Bhd has obtained the ISO 22000:2005 Certification which is a trade mark of our company’s success in providing quality and delicious frozen dim sum. As to cater our frozen food to a wider range of customers, we have made our frozen food Halal by obtaining our certification from the Agama Islam Malaysia authority. Thus, customers from different races or religions can enjoy the great taste of our frozen dim sum with no doubts in the food ingredients.

Our company adopted the latest technological advancement in our frozen food production. All of our frozen food has gone through stringent quality control as to ensure its hygiene and safety in consumption. Our chefs are highly capable in cooking and producing mouth watering dim sum to meet the tastes of customers. Among the frozen dim sum which is highly recommended by CEP is the shrimp dumpling (Har Gaw), Siu Mai, lotus paste bun, red bean paste bun and many other varieties of frozen dim sum.

CEP uses only fresh ingredients in manufacturing our frozen food. This is to ensure that all of our frozen food produced is of high quality as well as superb in taste. Our systematic approach in frozen food production enables us to offer excellent frozen food variations to our customers in amazingly great tastes.